Our Eco-Friendly Practices

Here at SCC, we work every day to be good stewards of resources and the environment. Here’s how we are intentionally working to cut back our waste and consumption of non-renewable resources so that our county and world is a healthier place:

  • We source as much as we can locally and with small, family businesses so that fuel isn’t wasted during transportation.
  • We have a nationally registered Monarch Butterfly Waystation in our garden. (See the map here!)
  • Our flower beds use as many indigenous plants as possible.
  • We use many recyclable, compostable, and post-consumer products–including our cups, drink sleeves, lids, and straws– in the shop to reduce our landfill footprint.
  • We have recycling available and use as many reusable items as possible, including in-house mugs.
  • We encourage our customers to bring in travel mugs to be filled (and give a special discount when you do), so there’s less paper and plastic waste.
  • We offer used coffee grounds for free; just bring a bucket and take some for your garden or compost pile.
  • We’ve partnered with the Pennsylvania Resources Council to identify sustainable business practices. 
  • We have rain barrels to collect run-off from our garage and shop roofs in order to lessen our consumption of water for outdoor needs.
  • Our table tops and counter tops in the shop are made from local, reclaimed wood from Long Acre Hollow.
  • We continue to seek out ways to lessen our environmental impact and footprint.